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Curly Tails Bowen Therapy   

Holistic Soft Tissue Therapies for dogs & cats on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Gentle Body-work Therapy

Many people benefit from different types of body work, but did you know that animals can also benefit from the same type of body work? I know how frustrating it is to be told that medication or surgery is the only way to help your dog with soft tissue issues, but there are so many other options.

Rather than treating just the symptoms which can present risks and side effects, there are often alternative methods of treatment that are much less invasive and effective in helping a variety of conditions. To help improve the quality of life for your precious canine and feline family members, we incorporate treatments such as:

We can work on small animals such as dogs and cats or even other pets like rabbits and guinea pigs etc. A lot of dogs can become sore after a grooming visit, especially as they age or after an adventurous day at the beach or park. These body-work techniques are non-invasive and are excellent for musculoskeletal and neuro-muscular issues as well as a whole range of issues. They're gentle, holistic (treat the whole body) and safe and can be used on their own or in conjunction with veterinary care and to assist rehabilitation post surgery ...

Even young and healthy dogs benefit from these modalities because as we all know ... “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” With regular preventative care, potential problems can be detected early and treated in a minimally invasive manner before progressing into chronic, hard to treat problems.

Cuddles with a lovely bull terrier client

Floyd loves his treatments for a soft tissue injury!

Soft tissue therapy for animals

I love helping animals feel better and live better by delivering personalised treatments, tailored for each individual animal, using a combination of gentle, non-invasive modalities.

These therapies bring about a natural re-balancing and initiate healing, improving a dog’s health and quality of life by alleviating pain and dysfuntion and increasing flexibility.




Peppa the Dingo receiving Bowen therapy
Peppa the Dingo receiving Bowen Therapy to help with arthritis

joint supplements for dogs

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From our clients …
“When I first took Kelly to Helen she could hardly walk, cried when she got up in the morning to hobble over to her food, I had to carry her up the stairs, lift her into the car etc, I was sure the Green Dream wasn’t too far away! However after 4 sessions of Bowen Therapy she's like a new dog! Thank you Helen, you are a miracle worker!”

“Helen is great she has helped my greyhound feel so much better that he is back running about and he’s so much happier in himself after treatment sessions.”
“My 12 yr old Benji unfortunately had badly hurt his back and neck and was suffering for weeks and weeks. He struggled to get on the couch and winced in pain when he moved his neck. After a couple of Bowen therapy sessions with Helen, he’s a completely different dog. Frisky and acting like a puppy again, running around with the other dogs and being cheeky. I can’t recommend Helen enough, thank you for bringing my dearly loved champion show dog back!”

Holistic Soft Tissue Therapies for dogs, cats & other animals on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria:
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